Display: Literary Signpost

Literary Signpost

Where will your reading take you?
Literary SignpostThis literary signpost was made using a variety of wonderful fonts freely available on the net and simple arrow shapes in Microsoft Word.

Sitting in the library’s entrance this colourful signpost pointing to favourite book destinations is one of the first things library patrons see when they walk through the front door.

The students love it. I was surprised at how engaged they are with it. They love pointing out the places they recognise (and which books they come from) and trying to walk through to Platform 9 3/4. As soon as I put it up I had suggestions for some that I had missed (Alagaesia and Westmore Middle School were later additions). I have also had students request the ‘Wonderland book’ or help finding the Narnia books. Other students have wanted copies of their favourite signs. My favourite request was to add signs up the post all the way to the ceiling. With a double-storey space, that could take some time (and some ladder), but it is a challenge I am happy to work towards.

Which of your favourites have I missed?


4 thoughts on “Display: Literary Signpost

    • Yes, I know. Aren’t books great! I love the quote from the Inkheart movie (it’s not in the book, but I loved the way Helen Mirren delivered the lines)…

      Meggie Folchart: You’ve been to Persia, then?
      Elinor Loredan: Yes, a hundred times. Along with St. Petersburg, Paris, Middle-Earth, distant planets and Shangri-la. And I never had to leave this room. Books are adventure. They contain murder and mayhem and passion. They love anyone who opens them.


  1. I LOVE this. So beautiful! I’d love to be a librarian, then I have an excuse for all the books I buy. These signs are so beautiful and sweet…I love the idea. Books are wonderful because they can transport you to different worlds, this display captures that idea so perfectly! Thank you for sharing!


    • Thanks Marcella,

      Being a librarian is pretty cool! When you can mix working with wonderful people, surround yourself with fantastic books and play with paint, crafts and designs and call it a job, then it is certainly the best job in the world (or at least I think so). I’m so glad you like my literary signpost. Thanks for your lovely comments. It’s definitely not an original idea, but I love the interaction students have with it and their suggestions for new places to add. It’s time for an update, though, and I’m thinking of tying it in with this year’s Book Week theme, Australia: Story Country.


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