Hi. My name is Madison. Welcome to my library.

1v3a0841This blog is the place where I share my thoughts about books I’ve read and my experiences as a librarian.

I am a teacher librarian who loves reading. I work in two school libraries, in one as a library aide and as a teacher librarian at the other. I believe that reading is vital for learning and expanding worldviews, but I believe that, most importantly, reading is for enjoyment. Promoting books, face-to-face, through displays or via online marketing, is one of my favourite parts of librarianship – though hanging out with all those books is pretty cool, too.

I predominately read young adult fiction. I love books with strong characters and heartfelt stories. Contemporary, fantasy, sci-fi and mystery-thrillers are my main genres of choice. I also love reading Christian fiction, again contemporary romance, historical and mystery-thrillers. In addition to these two main areas I enjoy a variety of children’s books, picture books, new adult fiction, adult fiction and non-fiction. I love being able to read fantastic books and share my thoughts with other readers. I hope my book reviews and lists will help you find your next great read.

You can find more information about my reviews under Book Reviews.

If you have any questions or have an inquiry regarding  author interviews or blog tours please use the form below to contact me.

I do consider unsolicited review requests, however to accept a review copy I must always ensure that I am a good fit for the book and that I have sufficient time to devote to both reading and reviewing the title. In most cases, if I am unable to accept the review copy it is because I am unable to fulfil those two criteria.

I am extremely grateful to authors and publishers who make available their precious works for professionals such as myself to review. This is why I am careful to only review books that suit my preferences to ensure that I am giving a fair and honest review.

You can also find me on Goodreads,  and .


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